Since 2018 we also offer pool and garden services.

To maintain the pool all year round is quite important at the coast area. Our experienced team takes professionally care of the whole pool technique to ensure the quality of the water. But also bassins and fountains in your garden could be maintainced by us. In urgent cases, espacially during the summer season, we are also available during the weekends.

After we organised the creation of some bigger new gardens at the Côte d´Azur we offer now also an all year round gardeing service for our regular clients. Our range of services includes making the lawn, fertilising, weeding, special treatment of palm trees, regular trimming of all plants as well as bigger recovery and redesigning of all kinds and sizes of gardens.

Our contact details for pool and garden services:

Sarl Cantalux Consulting

14, Rue de la Tasco
83580 Gassin
Telefon: +33 498 11 54 31